Ultimate in Green Transportation

In order to overcome the high cost of 100% electric buses, this demonstration bus will be remanufactured from an existing diesel bus owned by Ben Franklin Transit.

The existing bus will be reconditioned to a nearly new condition complete with an all-electric powered drivetrain system. This remanufacturing process saves money compared to a new electric bus, is faster to implement, and reduces the environmental impact of retired vehicles, thus reducing land fill pollution.

Using this process, the remanufactured ZEPS bus will cost about as much as a new battery-electric bus and is only 30% more than the cost of a new diesel bus. In addition, because the electric drivetrain will significantly reduce fuel, operation and maintenance costs compared to a diesel drivetrain, the ZEPS bus would save as much as $266,000 over the life of the vehicle, compared to a diesel bus.

Production Timelapse
The unique production process

The Project that will Change the future.

Remanufactured Electric Propulsion Transit Buses will help the environment more any emission reducing product currently available.

The ZEPS bus, taking advantage of remanufactured buses and cost-saving electric motor and battery technologies, is projected to cost half as much as competing electric and fuel cell buses on the market today.

Reducing the cost and complexity of the infrastructure required to maintain zero emission buses - the ZEPS bus will require less supporting infrastructure because each will feature a unique onboard inverter-charger unit (ICU)

Achieving sufficient vehicle performance to satisfy transit agencies - The high- power electric drive components to be used in the ZEPS buses were specifically designed for transit buses, taking zero-emissions bus performance to the next level.

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